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  1. Substrate
    I live in Portland, OR, and we have pretty amazing varieties of soils around here that have a high mineral content, and some with high clay, as well. I'm wondering what kind of properties mineralized topsoil has? Is it sandy, or silty, or loamy, before you mix it with the clay? Where does the...
  2. Oregon
    I got some pink ramshorn snails from a guy in Albany around Thanksgiving. They're breeding like crazy, so I thought I'd share the wealth. Local pickup/meetup in Portland only. I can do around five small snails per person for the first 3 folks that reply. They seem to get pinker as they get...
  3. Oregon
    CB's Aquarium is on 181st and Burnside. It is part freshwater and part saltwater. No noticeable plants for sale. I don't do saltwater, so no comment about that part. Freshwater prices were atypical. That's about all I'll say about it. The Tropical Hut is down on inner SE Division. Small number...
  4. Oregon
    This place is very easy to drive past, it's in a long-ish industrial building next to an upholstery place at NE 120th and Halsey. When I first walked in I almost walked straight out because there was no way they had any fish in this tiny store, but it's deceptive, there's two or three suites...
  5. Oregon
    I love The Wet Spot. It's a great store with a great selection of everything I need and I'm lucky to live close to it. But I want to know what else is out there. I've been to World of Wet Pets, Tropical Hut on Division, and to Pets On Broadway. Have any of the rest of you taken a shine to...
  6. Oregon
    GPAS will be hosting Brian Perkins on Tuesday May 26, he will share a presentation on collecting in Peru. More information can be found at
  7. Oregon
    The Greater Portland Aquarium Society will be holding its annual plant swap meet on Tuesday, April 28. Robert Hudson of Aquabotanic will be supplying many plants and acting as honorary auctioneer for the night, due to the high volume of auction items there will be no program other than the...
  8. Oregon
    Please join us September 23rd for Portland's own Steve Lundblad speaking on collecting on lake Malawi. Steve is well known for his knowledge of African cichlids so this will be one you will not want to miss. For more information on meeting time and location visit
1-8 of 9 Results