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  1. Equipment
    I hope someone here can help. I ran into a cyano-slime algae/bacteria issue towards the bottom/front of my tank and I decided to try to improve circulation by changing my ADA inflow pipe (Poppy Glass inflow PV-2 13D) for the Eheim intake tube that came with my filter (Eheim Classic 2213)...
  2. Equipment
    Sadly my Do!Aqua Poppy Glass inflow pipe broke while I was trying to clean the inside of the globe (see attached pics). Can I glue it back somehow?? I spent $80 on this friggin pipe!
  3. Equipment
    I am having a really hard time detaching EHEIM 12/16 tubing (the green kind) from my Do!Aqua Poppy glass pipes. Any advice would be appreciated. I don't want to break my expensive pipes. Shall I use different tubing? :icon_roll
1-3 of 5 Results