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  1. Fish
    One of our Bettas is displaying unilateral popeye. We noticed it a bit more than a week back and decided to treat in-place with Kanaplex and the occasional epsom salt dip (at a concentration of 1 Tbsp per gallon.) The Kanaplex seems to have done its job as the swelling around the eye is no...
  2. Fish
    Hey all, I took a long break from the forums. This isn't how I wanted to come back, but my betta, Yadi, is very sick. I first noticed his eye looked strange a few days ago. Then, yesterday, he buried himself in a clump of hair algae that had grown in his tank. I managed to get him free, but...
  3. Fish
    Have popeye on a fish. Started with a blood trace in one eye then swelling, all of which has dissipated in that eye. six weeks has passed and it has now manifested as a blood trace in the other eye and swelling again. I understand that an internal bacterial cause is likely and have researched...
1-3 of 3 Results