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  1. Fish
    I have three goldfish one comet, one shubunkin and one sarasa in a 36 gal bow front aquarium, now with live plants. I had a major water quality issue about three months ago due to failing pumps combined with a section of gravel in the tank that I somehow failed to vacuum efficiently. This...
  2. Fish
    I have 3 bloodfin tetras and 3 blue tetras in a school. One of the Bloodfin's got pop eye and it took about a week but his eye evenually came right out. now hes handcap and just sits on the bottom. The Blue tetra bully him when its feeding time. He doesn't eat much if any. I think hes a...
  3. Fish
    :help:ok here the story i bought a 125 gallon tank a week ago i am writing this on the 9th day ok here the big issue I DID NOT CYCLE MY AQUARUIAM !!!!!.:iamwithst i started adding fish on the 3rd day (i used one of my old aquarium filters to speed the process up of building the necessary...
1-3 of 3 Results