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pond snails
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    My husband's dwarf puffer loves snails especially: pond, bladder, and ramshorn snails. I'd like to get a huge batch of one, or more types as he's eaten all mine! Preferably 100+ range so they last a while. Photos of the collected batch of snails you'd plan to ship + price range would be...
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    I've just started my planted tank, and I've found a couple of pin head sized pond snails cruising around my tank (no fish yet). I know pond snails are pretty much inevitable in a planted tank and I've read about how they can really take over a tank. I'm wondering if they serve any benefit at all...
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    I'm just starting this thread because I'm curious to see the different methods that people have tried to try to rid an planted tank of pest pond snails. I struggled with an infestation for several months about a year ago. I didn't recognize it as a problem at first until I started seeing them...
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    Lots of Healthy Assassin Snails! Great for getting rid of those pesky snails in your tank i.e. Rams-horns, Pond snails, Malaysian trumpet snails (MTS), etc. Assassins will just eat them! Assassins will leave the "non-pesky" snails alone i.e. Nerites / Apple Snails / Mystery Snails, etc. Will...
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    PM me. Thanks!
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    I've set up a small tank for breeding the little round pond snails for my puffers to munch. I've gotten a few from my lps but am trying to give my "garden" a jump start. Anyone have some annoying little buggers they'd like to throw my way?
1-6 of 6 Results