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  1. Tank Journals
    Just sharing some pics of of my latest paludarium The tank is plywood framed in walnut and measures 24" X 18" X 38" During construction: Fiberglassed and sealed with West Systems epoxy: Glass: Hardscape: Painted with tinted Drylok: With driftwood:
  2. DIY
    I got a great deal on some very heavy duty metal shelving, so it's obviously time for a real tank rack. Current project: Garage tank rack 3 - 135 Gallon Plywood tanks with glass fronts 1 - 75 Gallon Sump (Yes, all the tanks, 1 filter system, 1 pump, very efficient.) 1 - Existing 75 Gallon Ball...
  3. DIY
    Ok, so my 125 gallon tank developed a small crack in the top of it. The good news is that after calling the manufacturer they are going to let me have the replacement tank for a few weeks before returning the broken one to them. The bad news is that i can't really have both tanks up in the...
  4. DIY
    1 The idea A long time ago I read about large plywood tanks. Fools, I thought... wood and water? A couple of years back I started wondering about it some more, comparing a plywood tank to a commercial glass tank. The economics didn't add up, so I bought a 55gal tank and forgot about plywood...
1-4 of 4 Results