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  1. Fish
    Am I the only one who's noticed this? Pic is my 1.5" LFABN.
  2. Pennsylvania
    Opps forgot to update this! Pleco was re-homed to a nearby educational group with large tanks and experience with pleco keeping (in other tanks). Sadly I cannot provide a large final tank for my Leopard Sailfin Pleco (Pterygoplichthys gibbiceps) due to life just generally wrecking plans. He's...
  3. General Planted Tank Discussion
    They're going to be in a 55 gallon tank with plenty of plants for cover. The Albino BN is about 5 inches long. I'm also split between the Sakura Reds and Blue Velvet?!?! Thanks in advance!
  4. Oregon
    Anyone breeding any Bristlenose Plecos locally? I'd rather not get them from The Wet Spot at $6 a pop
  5. Fish
    To begin, Thank you for any advice in advance. I have a well established 75 Gallon planted tank. I had done a major re-scape and in the mean time put my pleco and turtle back into a 20 Gal. They were in the 20 Gal for about 6 days. In the 20 Gal I was only running a Fluval 110 gal HOB filter. I...
  6. Fish
    Need help with my L333 anyone out there with a known female can post close up pics of her?
  7. Fish
    Hi, At the LFS they showed me a BN pleco. Was quite nice, black with the usual white spots. I have never kept these before. What are the things to watch out for in terms of aggression, feeding habbits, territorial nature? Do I need to put in special sinking food for them? Are they veggies...
  8. General Planted Tank Discussion
    I've recently set up what I call a "reduce the number of tanks in the house to make the wife happy, yet still create something cool" tank. It's a 77 gallon dirt tank, somewhat heavily planted. I wanted something that was relatively low maintanance as I coach high school baseball and have a two...
  9. Fish
    So I've been waiting eagerly for Halloween to have an excuse to try pumpkin out on my Leopard Sailfin Pleco. I used scraps from pumpkin carving last night, boiled a piece for 1 min in microwave in a cup of water, cool it, then rubber banded it to a rock and plopped it in the tank. My pleco ate...
  10. Fish
    Originally had a simular post in the plant section, but I'm thinking this is more appropriate in the fish forum now. As the title says I am trying to figure out plants for a soon-to-be tank that can hopefully withstand a Leopard Sailfin Pleco occasionally munching on or generally crashing...
  11. Plants
    I do not know which forum this thread should be in?.. Fish.. Plants.. General? If its in the wrong one please let me know and I will ask to have it moved or close and re-do in proper section. As the title says I am trying to figure out plants for a soon-to-be tank that can hopefully withdstand...
  12. Fish
    Hello, I recently bred my albino bristlenose plecos. Both parents are very nice looking albinos. However all of the fry came out as normal bristlenose which is still very cool but I wasn't expecting this. Not one albino! How long should I wait to move the father back to the main tank? If I spawn...
  13. Fish
    [Note: This thread can be potentially be for any pleco] I’ve recently purchased a Gold Nugget Pleco (L018) Baryancistrus xanthellus, it is currently 2 ½” and living in a 40 gallon planted community tank. I’ve had it for about a month and is doing great. My stats are ammonia: 0ppm, nitrite...
  14. Fish
    I got some baby Bristlenose Plecos. Here's a video of them I made they are great the best at algae control I hightly recommend them. I had algae problems, but now my tank is so clean. Please Like is you like Plecos!:angel:
  15. Fish
    I bought three of them off of kijiji and they were advertised Calico Bristle nose, but these are spotted and have a dark base. They have tan stripped tails here's a pic They look like Vampire...
  16. Tank Journals
    I have had my aquarium set up for about a year with some community fish & now and then I would throw a plant in there...I loved the look and decided to add some more and a little more... and now I am wanting to go all out and plant this baby! Fish 10 red eyed tetras 2 clown loaches 2 syn...
  17. Fish
    What in the world is killing my Pleco?
21-37 of 53 Results