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pleco fry
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  1. For Sale/Trade
    Hello! Available in Ottawa, Ontario - I have a large number of bristlenose plecos available. Their parents are locally bred, 2nd generation albino bristlenose plecos. The male has an impressive set of bristles, and both females are smooth with one having a minor imperfection (makes her look...
  2. Fish
    Hi, Last month I rearrange my tank and found some pleco eggs on an unused bubble wand. I moved those eggs to an unused 5 gallon and they all grew! Now, my main concern is that I will be adding driftwood to my tank and most likely, my only pair will have their eggs in there. I don't want...
  3. Fish
    So I wasn't trying to breed these little guys at all, I just looked in the tank and saw some somewhat odd behavior, the way it looked like this guy was guarding a plugged hole in the top, rear of my tank (use to go to an overflow for a sump, now it's a well-lit cave) And the little hole has...
1-3 of 3 Results