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  1. Planted Nano Tanks
    Hi friends, I am new to this hobby and this forum....i tried setting up a 10g planted tank....Got jungle val from amazon and Anacharis from petco....the jungle had arrived as shown in pic 1...i planted both plants in fluval substrate....after a week the plants slowly started turning brown and...
  2. Plants
    My tank is Under-Planted IMO and I would really appreciate some suggestions :smile: I have a few plants in my tank and really want something much more, but keeping it a non Co2 tank is important. I have done my research, trust me. I have 2 notebooks full of plant info :redface: But I have...
  3. Plants
    What are your preferred ways to plant/grow anacharis? I have about 13 stems in my tank that has sand in the bottom. When I stick them in the sand, the bases melt off. I was wondering what ways people like to keep their anacharis, and if leaving the plant floating would be better.:icon_conf
  4. Plants
    My sword leaves are losing mass, they are becoming like a sift. I have planted them in a mineralized soil substrate(under ColorQuartz) about 4 weeks back. Its low tech non CO2 set up. I have confirmed, its not my Cory or albino Pleco eating away. Please let me know how can i fix them:icon_cry:
  5. Plants
    Hi all. I wonder if I can kill two birds with one stone with this post. A month ago, I came across a great deal on the net for 5 stems of hygrophila polysperma, 4 narrow leaf chain swords, 4 pygmy chain swords, 3 stems of ludwigia repens, and 3 stems of rotala rotundifolia. Beforehand, the tank...
  6. General Planted Tank Discussion
    I have a 65 gal planted aquarium that has been growing beautifully for about a year. The substrate is black sand which I supplement with Flourish Tabs. I have CO2 running at 1 bps. My KH is normally around 1 so I use Alkaline Buffer to bring it up to 2/3. My PH is naturally low (6.3) so the...
  7. Low Tech Forum
    My Crypts have been melting slowly over the past week since I set the tank up. I have 4 bunches of Wendetii. Do Crypts usualy bounce back from this? At what point should I pull them?
  8. General Planted Tank Discussion
    All this time I thought Java Fern would survive a nuclear holocaust but somehow I've managed to kill it off. I've got some in my 10g that has DIY CO2, ~25watts (two 15 watt spiral bulbs, I know people like to say they aren't efficient) I've been using AP root tabs, but recently switched to...
1-8 of 8 Results