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  1. Tank Journals
    This is my first tank journal. The only other planted tank I have had is a 10gallon, which was also "dirted" (for those of you reading who are noobs like me, "dirted" means having dirt as your main substrate so plants will grow better). For this 10g, I had a 24W "daylight" bulb in a reflector...
  2. Plants
    I bought 3 pots of HC a few months ago, hoping for a nice ground cover. Now I have three round little circles of cladophora, with a few tiny leaves visible down in the fuzz. However, a few plants escaped and floated to the top. I left them alone. Now I have a floating mat of HC about a square...
  3. Plants
    I have never had HC before and I am soaking it in Alum to kill snails and their eggs. I find that it has bits floating all over the place. Does this happen when it is planted? I wanted to tie it to a log as is. It is in a nice sheet. Will it stay if I don't plant It stem by stem? I thought...
  4. Plants
    I've attempted HC emersed a couple times now, and every time, I run into huge issues once the tank is filled. I've had great emersed growth, filled the tank slowly enough to keep it rooted, added Eco-complete to make the substrate heavier, had the HC melt a little and grow back...and now I am...
  5. Plants
    Hi i have a few questions about planting hc emersed. 1. do you need to be adding excel?? or is the co2 in the air enough 2. should you keep your lights on longer (12 hours instead of 8) 3. when adding water, i heard that they can melt and die, how can i avoid this?
  6. Substrate
    Hey what kind of substrate would be nest for HC, flourite??? or some kind of mineralized soil. or sand. little help?
1-6 of 6 Results