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  1. Plants
    So I'm still new to the live aquatic plant world and I got some plants I'm going to be adding to a tank. I want to put some of them in terracotta pots for aesthetic reasons. The pots will be mostly for some of the front and middle plants I plan on using. Some like the Java moss I'm going to glue...
  2. Aquascaping
    Hello, I am new to aquascaping and would love any tips or advice! Anyways, I was purchased Flourite Black Sand (pic attached) and set it up in my 10 gal tank. I was thinking of starting off with some java fern and anubis plants since those are easy to take care of (of what I heard). How do I...
  3. Plants
    I just received a shipment of plants from Aquatic Arts and was wondering what the proper way to plant moneywort clippings were. Due to the hot weather most of the leaves on the lower part of the stem have melted off or turned into black mush. The stem itself is fine, there's just no roots. Can I...
  4. Plants
    I bought some monte carlo at my LFS. The pots they had were grown out with all the stems reaching about 3-4 inches long! I asked the manager (who is an aquascaping enthusiast) about planting it and he said to divide it like normal and the long stems would droop across the substrate and start...
  5. Plants
    Hello - Newbie getting into this, tank has been running about a year, but within the last few weeks, took out old fish (Platys) and am down to Red Cherry Shrimp, a Cory, and three otos. Also switched substrate to EcoComplete. Running Pressurized CO2, and PC 6725 lighting....annubias have been...
  6. Plants
    ok i got these from a friend and they were in a poorly kept 30g.i think i know that this type has the rhizome and should be tied to a rock or log...correct? the tank receives allot of sunshine for the better part of the day plus a flora sun 5000k light of 36 watts in a 55g zebra...
  7. General Planted Tank Discussion
    Im thinking of using epoxy to attach anubias, an java fern to rocks. Has anyone tried this? Has anyone drilled holes in rock to tuck plants into?
  8. General Planted Tank Discussion
    New question of the day . . . I notice that many of the most beautiful tanks are loaded with plants. Looking at the pictures one would think that these plants are pretty bunched together, especially ones towards the back. I know it is important to keep dead leaves out of the tank and of...
  9. Plants
    I planted it with tweezers, they stayed for a couple of days then each little plantlet slowly floated to the top, so im left with maybe 20 out of the hundreds i planted, it doesnt seem like it is growing either. I have 96 watts over 30 gallons, and co2 injected, i dose seachem flourish and...
  10. General Planted Tank Discussion
    Hi All - When you buy potted plants, and they come in the plastic pots with the cotton stuff around the roots, what is best - can you leave them in the pot/cotton and bury the whole thing in the substrate, or do you have to detach the cotton from the roots before planting directly in the...
  11. Plants
    Hi All - When you get potted plants in the plastic pots with the cotton attached to the roots, do you remove it, or just bury the pot in the substrate? Would it hurt to leave the plant in the pot? thanks
  12. Plants
    When I got my java moss the lady also sent me some other plants to but didn't tell me what they were and after searching I figured out that she sent me several pennywort cuttings. I have no experience with aqaurium plants and don't have any idea how to plant them. I know they can be floated...
  13. General Planted Tank Discussion
    So that when it grows/spreads the new plants root in the substrate too? Thanks, Scot
  14. Plants
    I'm new and was wondering how to plant wisteria. I got 2 bunches (each with about 5 stems). Should I plant the bunches or should I separate them and plant the stems. Also, when I try to insert the stems into my eco-complete they bend and snap. Any suggestions?
  15. General Planted Tank Discussion
    Hi All After a long period of neglect today I'm going to take down and rebuild my 55 gallon planted tank. (48"L 12"W 18"H)Here is my plan: 1) Move my two discus and 5 cory cats to a temporary home and move my Eheim canister filter to the temp home with them. 2) Clean the whole tank and boil...
  16. Plants
    When I first got Bolbitis I had read not to plant the roots. I put my plant in a hole in one of my rocks. It grows like crazy. It is a bright light green. There are a lot of roots the grow out from the base. This plant for me does not keep a shape does yours?
  17. Plants
    I just got some Hemianthus micranthemoides and Iam trying to grow as a low carpet in the front of the tank. How do I plant it?:confused: I tried weighting it down with smooth riverbed rocks but quickly changed that for fear of killing it. Now its just floating for the time being
  18. General Planted Tank Discussion
    All this time I thought Java Fern would survive a nuclear holocaust but somehow I've managed to kill it off. I've got some in my 10g that has DIY CO2, ~25watts (two 15 watt spiral bulbs, I know people like to say they aren't efficient) I've been using AP root tabs, but recently switched to...
  19. General Planted Tank Discussion
    Ok, I know this'll be a noob-type ? I just bought a sprouted bulb today at one of our LFSs. It has 8-10 small redish arrow-shaped leaves. Do I plant the entire bulb or leave part of it showing. Never had a bulb plant before so thanks for any guidance.
  20. General Planted Tank Discussion
    :lol: Hi Everyone! New to the forum and wanted to say hello! -I have a question about one of my mail order plants I just recieved. My Red Tiger Lotus was sent to me in a bulb, I have no experiance with bulbs and wanted to know if there was a special way to plant them. There is a little...
1-20 of 21 Results