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  1. Equipment
    I just got a new Marina S15 power filter for my 20 gallon setup (that will go along with a sponge filter). I really like it so far, and I can't wait to get it started for my build. The cartragies seem useless, and I don't really want to replace the carbon every month, I'm on a budget! Does...
  2. Riparium/Terrarium/Vivarium
    Aponogeton crispus flowering right beside my filter :proud:
  3. General Planted Tank Discussion
    I have a small bamboo palm (Chamaedorea elegans, as far as I can tell) that I got from Walmart about 9 months ago, and it was doing great until it was moved in front of the wood-burning stove to make room for the Christmas tree. Between the temperature extremes and my new cat getting to it...
  4. Planted Nano Tanks
    I've setup yet another tank, but only because my last one was destroyed. We had to move so allot of my supplies are still in boxes. For this setup I used my converted reef tank as a freshwater setup. From this: [/URL][/IMG] to this: [/URL][/IMG] Inhabitants include the lone surviving...
1-4 of 4 Results