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  1. Substrate
    I am planning to start a planted tank. I already have soil and vermicompost as I use them in my garden. So for the substrate, can I use soil mixed with vermicompost?
  2. Fish
    Hello! I would love a small algae eater that will go good in a 10 g planted aquarium with black sand substrate. I used Flourite Black Sand by Seachem. I know plecos get huge so I'll stay away from them. I heard that a couple of otocinculus might be good but I don't know if they'll do well...
  3. Fertilizers and Water Parameters
    Hi, I am really needing help since I can’t find any good information on this. I have plants only aquarium and since I know that CO2 is good for plant growth I have arrived at this question: What is the and maximum value of CO2 ppm that I can diffuse in the water to get very good effects? And...
  4. Low Tech Forum
    Hello, I'm starting a 29 gallon aquarium. I have pictures of the setup. I just laid down a bed of glosso carpeting seeds. However, I realized after planting that these are a semi difficult carpet to grow. Since I WILL not be using Co2 (atleast for now) I think I need to find another option...
  5. Plants
    Hi guys, i really need help because i cant find much information online. does anyone have any suggestions for what plants i can put in my cold water aquarium? I kind of want the cold water equivalent of baby tears carpet plant because i love the look of that plant and then also a few "center...
  6. Algae
    ****IMAGE ATTACHED BELOW****** Hello, I am Sreenath, and Currently I stay in India. Actually the main question to ask you that, I setup a new Planted Aquarium for my home and recently after 3 day I can see Hair Algae all over my Plants. ---------------------Tank...
  7. General Planted Tank Discussion
    Hello everyone! I used to own many planted tanks, but I never fully got into CO2 which was always my dream. I promised myself if I came back to the hobby I would do it with CO2. I am planning on setting up a nano rimless tank. I am set on the Mr.Aqua bookshelf tank. The dimensions are 24” x...
  8. Equipment
    Does an air stone in any way help your plants grow faster?
  9. Aquatek of California
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  10. Aquatek of California
    AQUATEK OF CALIFORNIA BLACK FRIDAY 2017 SALE on EBAY (Exp 11/26) Limited Quantities Premium AQUATEK CO2 Regulator with Integrated Solenoid $89.99 $79.99 FREE SHIPPING on Ebay. Limited quantity! Ebay seller ID: aquatek.california EBay item number:230840786821
  11. Planted Nano Tanks
    Hey guys, so long story short, I have zero skill with planting plants in good locations. My tank looks like something at a pet store where people pick their plants and take them home. I just got a bunch of stem plants from a guy on kijiji, and I've never actually planted plants that don't...
  12. Plants
    I am going to be selling aquarium plants, not so much for profit as to cover my existing hobby. I don't see much point in growing very common aquarium plants since I have limited space. I do have a great deal of time though, and I'm interested in being marketable via selling good-quality plants...
  13. Aquascaping
    Hey everybody! I am upgrading from a small desk three gallon tank to a 7.5 gallon one and was wondering a good place to get some quality decor. I was also possibly looking for some decor options or recommendations. Any help would be awesome! Thank you! :)
  14. Equipment
    So I've tried the whole fermentation method before- a two liter bottle, yeast, sugar, water, tubing, and a hole drilled into the lid with tubing and sealed with silicone. I didn't have a diffuser, but the time spent just wasn't worth it to me. Lately, I've been curious about fermentation of...
  15. General Planted Tank Discussion
    Hi all, New to the forum and the hobby for that matter. Big thanks to all the contributors here, I've used this forum extensively to guide me through initial purchases and setup. That being said, I'm setting up my first planted aquarium. My current setup: 21 gallon tall aquarium Eheim 2217...
  16. Substrate
    Hi all, I have just added Seachem fluorite to my 35gallon established aquarium because the roots were sticking out of the sand. I added it this morning by rinsing it then placing it in a mason jar and pouring it into the tank, about 1 inch from the surface of the sand. I thought this would...
  17. Planted Nano Tanks
    ADA Amazonia Substrate LED Light DIY CO2 No ferts plants: C. Helferi Blyxa japonica Dwarf hairgrass
  18. Equipment
    Hello Everyone! I'm looking to do a pressurized Co2 system and get rid of my Diy kit. I started my planted tank a couple months ago and I've been using the Diy kit for a little over a month. I work for a company that deals with igloo products and one of the products we deal with is a FRB200...
1-18 of 65 Results