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  1. New Member Introductions
    Good morning, Hi everyone, My name is Eli I am from Brooklyn NY, I currently have a 30 long community planted tank, I just upgraded my lights from a regular Aquon light to the AI prime freshwater and holy macro is it something, like day and night. I am currently housing mostly a variety...
  2. Lighting
    Hello all! I'm new to the forum but had some questions regarding my planted tank. I have a 29 gallon with a Nicrew rgb plus 24/7 spectrum light along with two other small clip on lights (all whites, probably do nothing other than illuminate). With this combo I am only really able to grow...
  3. Low Tech Forum
    Hello, I set up a new 30 gal long tank to re-home my gold barbs from their current 20 gal tall tank. Low-tech with LED plant grow light, java fern, java moss, anubias, amazon sword & a couple of plastic plants (grass on the left end of the tank). Not heavily planted - covers about 1/3 of the...
1-3 of 3 Results