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  1. Plants
    I bought a Red tiger lotus from an aquarium store (it had already sprouted and hard multiple stems and leaves, it also had the bulb still attached; tho there was a part of the plant that broke away from the bulb part) and I needed some advice on how to plant it because I want to know if I...
  2. Plants
    Can I plant Eriocaulon by glueing in hardscape (ex. rock/wood)?
  3. Fertilizers and Water Parameters
    Hello. I have a lengthy question and observation. So my house has a water softener because my water is extremely hard for drinking water being at 330ppm General Hardness. So Calcium and Magnesium is high. The water softener replaces Ca and Mg ions with sodium chloride so there should be more...
  4. Plants
    Hi yall, I've had pothos in my 20g tank for about 6 months now and it's pretty cool. Just wanted to know if it would do better to put the roots in running water or in still water. Also, I plucked some creeping Jenny from my garden and put it in 2 jars (1 where the plant is emersed and 1 where...
  5. Plants
    Hi guys, I got a few plants from a colleague but he had no clue what these are.. Most look like anubias to me but could you please help me id these further Thanks in advance
  6. Plants
    so after doing a search I saw a thread from this forum saying monte carlo isn't good with gravel unless it's small. any suggestions for slightly larger gravel (it's the river bed gravel from Imagitarium at your local big box). CO2 set up will come eventually, so I'd love to hear all of y'alls...
  7. Plants
    So this is the first Amazon sword I’ve had and I’ve read about propagating them. Is this a maternal stem? Noticed growing new sprouts off of it over the past few days thought it was going to just be another lead then poof there’s like 5 of them stemming off. It’s the one smack dab in the center
  8. Plants
    I have had this plant for a while, never really knew the name of it but wanted to start looking into propagating it. Any help would be appreciated. thanks in advance
  9. Plants
    Hi, I’m looking at growing out some aquarium plants immersed before I add them to an aquarium I am planning to get, as it would be very expensive (for me) to buy them all. Would I be able to grow these plants without a heater or light, just in a warm spot in my room that gets sun? I’m thinking...
  10. Plants
    Hi all. So this is a cutting from a seller about 2 weeks in my tank. This started happening and I don't know why.. any ideas? Wrgb2 r80g80b60 (930am - 1930pm) 3 hour ramp up and down) Co2 Profito Phosphates 30-40 no3 105L
  11. Plants
    Hi all, I've been cultivating Hygrophila Polysperam Rosanervig or 'sunset Rosanervig'. And I've noticed a difference in growth pattern. I have one bunch growing on the left side of my tank, with (1) Low water flow, (2) Near CO2 Diffuser. And these stop growing vertically once they reach around...
  12. Riparium/Terrarium/Vivarium
    Hi. I'm new in terrarium keeping and haven't created my own yet. I just started to explore different plants, how to maintain them and how to create ecosystem. such that it will last a long time. I have a dream to create a terrarium where plants will be unusual and with unusual colors. To create...
  13. General Planted Tank Discussion
    Hey everyone! I’m ordering a new tank like the title states. It’s going to be hi tech. What plants would you guys suggest? I’ll have a big piece of drift wood and then some small seiru stones around. Any ideas would be helpful as I’m not too artistic. Thanks
  14. Plants
    hey everyone! I found this aquarium plant at a local store here in Ontario, I thought it looked pretty neat but would like to do some research and actually know what it is before purchasing! Any help would be amazing :) thank you!!
  15. Plants
    So I noticed that in a couple of my tanks, some of the java fern is propagating through the usual method: cloning itself through the spores on the leaf. But here's the interesting thing: a few ferns are propagating through their roots. I've never seen, read, or heard about this before. There are...
  16. Plants
    Hi guys, my Amazon’s have started fading and blacking around the edges, is it a nutrient deficiency or light deficiency? I have a fluval aqua sky on for a 1 hour sun rise and 1 hour sunset with 6 hours of 70% sun. Using root tabs aswell, Any help will be greatly appreciated
  17. Plants
    Hi All, Got the below plant from a local shop. It looked good in the pot they had and I bought it. However, I couldn't find a name on it and have no idea how to plant it. I can see a rhizome so I have tied it to driftwood as of now. Can someone help me, please?
  18. Plants
    Hello! I have a problem with my Limnophila Sessiflora in one of my tanks. I have three different tanks, all of which have this plant in it. All of the tanks are low tech, I am dosing LiquiCarbo, and Aqulife TF Macro daily, and Aqualife TF Planter weekly according to the instructions on the...
  19. Plants
    LFS is horrible at labeling their plants. Plant picture
1-19 of 220 Results