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  1. Plants
    Hi all, I've been cultivating Hygrophila Polysperam Rosanervig or 'sunset Rosanervig'. And I've noticed a difference in growth pattern. I have one bunch growing on the left side of my tank, with (1) Low water flow, (2) Near CO2 Diffuser. And these stop growing vertically once they reach around...
  2. Riparium/Terrarium/Vivarium
    Hi. I'm new in terrarium keeping and haven't created my own yet. I just started to explore different plants, how to maintain them and how to create ecosystem. such that it will last a long time. I have a dream to create a terrarium where plants will be unusual and with unusual colors. To create...
  3. General Planted Tank Discussion
    Hey everyone! I’m ordering a new tank like the title states. It’s going to be hi tech. What plants would you guys suggest? I’ll have a big piece of drift wood and then some small seiru stones around. Any ideas would be helpful as I’m not too artistic. Thanks
  4. Plants
    hey everyone! I found this aquarium plant at a local store here in Ontario, I thought it looked pretty neat but would like to do some research and actually know what it is before purchasing! Any help would be amazing :) thank you!!
  5. Plants
    So I noticed that in a couple of my tanks, some of the java fern is propagating through the usual method: cloning itself through the spores on the leaf. But here's the interesting thing: a few ferns are propagating through their roots. I've never seen, read, or heard about this before. There are...
  6. Plants
    Hi guys, my Amazon’s have started fading and blacking around the edges, is it a nutrient deficiency or light deficiency? I have a fluval aqua sky on for a 1 hour sun rise and 1 hour sunset with 6 hours of 70% sun. Using root tabs aswell, Any help will be greatly appreciated
  7. Plants
    Hi All, Got the below plant from a local shop. It looked good in the pot they had and I bought it. However, I couldn't find a name on it and have no idea how to plant it. I can see a rhizome so I have tied it to driftwood as of now. Can someone help me, please?
  8. Plants
    Hello! I have a problem with my Limnophila Sessiflora in one of my tanks. I have three different tanks, all of which have this plant in it. All of the tanks are low tech, I am dosing LiquiCarbo, and Aqulife TF Macro daily, and Aqualife TF Planter weekly according to the instructions on the...
  9. Plants
    LFS is horrible at labeling their plants. Plant picture
  10. Plants
    Help appreciated - trying to estimate the initial plant load needed for a 180 gallon, to minimize algae problems during startup. I keep hearing that making sure you have enough plants initially is key to preventing algae and longer-term success. Can you help advise if this enough?? Species...
  11. Plants
    Hey guys, I bought seeds from Amazon (nameless, just says for planted tanks, without any instructions). I planted them in a 2,5 gallon nano tank and got beautiful results! It only took 5 days to grow this much. I have a few questions for you: What plant is that? Will it stay carpet-like...
  12. Substrate
    I had gotten the Aqueon Shrimp 7.5 gallon tank kit and it came with the Aqueon Plant & Shrimp Aquarium Substrate. So far I like it, but I was wondering what everyone's opinion on it is. Is it actually good for plants? is it good for all types of freshwater shrimp? is it safe for Corydoras since...
  13. General Planted Tank Discussion
    Hi guys, looking for this plant and can't seem to find it anywhere in the US. Anyone have any recommendations/know someone on the forum that might sell me some?
  14. General Planted Tank Discussion
    hello, i recently purchased some tissue cultured java fern as the fern did its thing this plant started growing out of it.please help. I'm not sure what it is, i figured it was large enough now for someone to identify it.
  15. Plants
    Hello everyone! First post! I just set up a 5 gallon planted Betta tank a couple of months ago, and its been going great! The substrate is Flourite and I have been using Flourish and Flourish Excel for the past month, which had be working, though my plants recently have been looking strange...
  16. Plants
    I bought this at a LFS without any labelling. Any idea what plant it is? (referring to the red stem plant). I am quite new to stem plants in general, but did some googling and my guesses are: 1) Ludwigia repens x arcuata 2) ludwigia palustris 3) possibly other type of ludwigia Thank you for...
  17. Low Tech Forum
    Hi everyone, I am new to the forum, and hope to spend tones of time here (instead of say.. Petco or PetSmart) I would love your feedback and suggestions ! I got from the kids a small 10G Aqueon kit this christmas, and I decided to get serious about it. So I did my initial research, aka...
  18. Plants
    Hello I hope I'm not too far off topic in the forum but is it possible to make money growing plants at home. I did a little research, as i wondered how the big greenhouses had a ton of the same plant all in the same size. The answer was Tissue Culturing, way too technical. But I have a crypt...
  19. Equipment
    Does anyone have any recommendations for modular potting containers? I would like to be able to replant like legos if a plant outgrows something. I am talking about apartment houseplants. I am inspired by a couple of members doing underwater potted grow-outs, so maybe pick containers that fit a...
1-19 of 213 Results