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  1. Low Tech Forum
    So first off, I went to my lfs a few weeks ago and asked about easy to care for plants I could keep in a low light tank, they suggested java ferns and anubias so I picked up Anubias nana and Windelov java fern. As of now the roots off the rhizomes on the java fern are black (and have been) and...
  2. Plants
    Hi All, I am looking to replace my water wisteria. I want something that looks better on the lower portion while still growing tall and providing good coverage (heater/ filter intake). I really like my Bacopa but woul like a different color / texture( leaf shape). So in your opinions what are...
  3. Plants
    Looking for nice plants for 36 gallon freshwater bow front. I'm looking for something with color not just green. Something that will make my tank come to life. Any suggestions? Thanks - Ibinyth:smile:
  4. General Planted Tank Discussion
    I'm wanting to do a 20 -30 gallon freshwater planted tank with fancy guppy's I would also like to add other fish I'm debating between ghost shrimp and cherry shrimp I cant decide which one would be best I mainly like the cherry's for their color but I would like to know which one would be best...
  5. Low Tech Forum
    So I just started a 30 gallon planted aquarium. Here is the breakdown: It's dirt. Organic soil topped with Flourite. I have a single fluorescent bulb. Nothing fancy on the lights just yet. I hope to get there eventually. No CO2 but just like the lighting-I hope to get there. Since I'm not...
  6. Aquascaping
    I want to add some more hiding places for my catfish so they'll stop hiding behind the heater, and I feel I can add some non-stem plants but I can't decide on what. Please ignore the lack of background I hope to add a black background soon^^
  7. Plants
    Since I know next to nothing about planted tanks, thought I'd show a photo of my tank and let you guys/gals help me plant it. Remember, this is a low light/no CO2 tank. Tank specs: 110 gal ( 24"x24"x22" ) Plain gravel Lighting T-5 2x54w( 1 Giesemann Miday 6000K & 1 Giesemann Aquaflora ) 2...
  8. Plants
    I'm just wondering what you guys think the easiest foreground carpet plant is. Something that would grow pretty fast, look good and wont cost too much. I have about 2.7wpg. 20g long tank. diy co2.
  9. Plants
    How do you create a small lawn? Do you just plant dwarf hair grass and keep it trimmed to about an inch? Any other plant that is used?
  10. Plants
    I finally got the back of my tank setup. I'm totally new to this so i figured i'd start from the back and work to the front. I'm not 100% happy with the placement, but i have what i need. The mid ground is covered more or less for now, mainly because driftwood in the middle and i trimmed down...
  11. Plants
    I need a densely growing very low to the substrate (not higher than 1"), easy to care for groundcover that is preferably fast growing. Anybody have any suggestions? I was looking at riccia and baby tears....I have 1.8wpg of T5 (at the moment), fluorite substrate and DIY Co2.
  12. General Planted Tank Discussion
    When a plant is available with roots or bulb which is the preferred to get and why?
1-12 of 12 Results