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  1. Plants
    Hi All, Hope someone can tell me what this is. I think maybe christmas but I am not sure. Thanks in advance!
  2. Plants
    I am not great with IDs in general but with mosses I stink! I have been having success with my Java Moss on my driftwood for the last few months. I noticed an area that looked like a different moss yesterday. It may be just some variation or a discolored patch of java but I think it looks a bit...
  3. Plants
    Not sure what this plant is I just received it as a package but cant tell what it is.
  4. Plants
    Hi All, A little help please, Thanks! Some type of Hygro not sure which. This was sold to me as pennywort. Is that right?
  5. Plants
    Hello! Long time lurker, finally coming out of my anonymous shell for some plant ID help. I had a lovely trip to the Sarah P Duke Gardens yesterday for Easter and found this gem tangled up in a bunch of duckweed. Plant A: Any guesses on a plant ID? I am tempted to plop it in my low...
  6. Plants
    Hi all, I am not sure what this is but love the color and shape of the leaves. It was a root scrap in with some plants from a friend. Thanks in advance!
  7. Plants
    Could someone plz help me in identifying the names of these plants, i google'd the name provided to me by the shop personal, but found out that it was totally wrong.
  8. Plants
    Hi All, I got this stem in with a bunch of Water Wisteria. It looks different not sure what it is. Let me know if you know. Thanks!
  9. Plants
    Hello! I'm fairly new to planted tanks and recently got a gorgeous driftwood centerpiece from my LFS that is covered in a moss. The problem is, I can't tell what kind of moss it is! Anyone have an idea? I'm really anal and have to keep an excel sheet of everything in my tank and "unknown" just...
  10. Plants
    is this plant Baby Tears? If it is or isn't, could you provide the scientific name? I got these as a RAOK a few months back and I just haven't really grown fond of the plant, nor does it really fit with my setups. I would like to sell it cuz I have a big handful of it at this point, but can't...
  11. Plants
  12. Plants
    Hi. By any chance anyone of u know this plant's ID? Saw this in a LFS. Thanks. :icon_smil
  13. Plants
    I need two things please my friends. 1. I bought this plant several months ago when I started working at Petsmart. We shortly after stopped carrying it and I can't find the paperwork we had on it. I thought I remember seeing on the ID Card that it was a type of fern, but I don't...
  14. Plants
    I am new with planting HC and so I wanted to verify the ID of this plant. When i asked the store owner what plant it is.. he said its HC. But a friend of mine said the leaves are too big to be HC. What do you guys think? Thanks in advance!
  15. Plants
    My LFS doesn't like to label their plants, and the owners, although very nice, do not speak English very well. Can anyone help me out? Mystery plant #1 I was thinking that this is Hornwort, but I'm not so sure because the pattern of the needles look different and there are runners coming...
  16. Plants
    I got this plant for my new 20 gallon shrimp tank. Keep in mind in these photos the tank is only partially full since I'm working on filling and aquascaping today. The plant in question is in the upper right corner. It has oblong veined leaves with some of them with a bronze/maroon coloring...
  17. Plants
    Could someone please help me identify these cryptocorynes. Thank you. The pale one in the middle of the black circle
  18. General Planted Tank Discussion
    Cause you guys still take plant IDs in here, right? Microscope picture: LAAARRRGE picture of some diffrent mosses I have, Moss in question at the upper left. Some mystery moss that I think is taiwan on the right, Wonky...
  19. Plants
    This plant I just picked up tonight. Not sure what it is,,could be emersed form of a has a yellowish white tuber,with roots growing out of it..Purple along back-side of stems especially close to root stock... Thanks,Kevin
  20. Plants
    first, a quick plant ID for you guys. A while back I bought this lotus at afa labled 'Nymphaea sp.', and my obsessive need to know everything has kicked in, and was wondering if anybody had a clue what sp. it was. From the plant that I bought, what I saw in their display tank, and what it's...
41-60 of 85 Results