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  1. Plants
    Hi all, Can anyone help me identify these plants? As far as I can tell there are 5 separate species in here, including what looks like java moss and very small, unhealthy java ferns (tank is a friend's abandoned project). There also looks to be some kind of anubis in there but I've never been...
  2. Plants
    Hello, I am brand new to this forum and planted tanks in general. I impulsively bought two plants at my LFS. I'd been wanting to add some color to my tank and help soak up excess nitrates. I was told they were easy to take care of, but when I got home and looked them up, I found differently...
  3. Plants
    Need help Identifying this plant please. Seller said it was vallisneria nana but im having doubts. Thanks in advance John
  4. Plants
    Hello all. I've got a 20g at the office with medium LED Lighting and I've had some plants it there for awhile. The first ones have been in about 4-6 months while the newest one has been in there maybe a month. Before finding you're plant database here on the site, I was struggling trying to...
  5. Plants
    Can someone help ID these plants? Thanks! -kt
  6. Plants
    Found it partially submerged. Bacopa Monnieri is the closest match I've found. Also does anyone know what's the yellowish jelly like spot in the 2nd pic? Some sort of egg I guess? Found more of those on other leaves too. Higher res pics here:
  7. Plants
    Is this a Bolbitis species ? Is this some sort of Eriocaulon ? (It's not mondo grass, been replicated over many months)
  8. Plants
    I tossed sevearl ludwigia into an emersed setup along with several other plants that I then completely ignored for several months.. after ripping the pennywort out that grew like a [censor] weed I realized I don't know which stem is which now (why didn't I put 'lil tab labels in?). I know I put...
  9. Plants
    An emersed ludwigia, which sp is it? have not had it submerged long enough to get new leaves yet. An unknown stem it looks like floating giant duckweed at the surface (no stems reached above the surface, just rested on the surface) but tis all connected to a stem system so.. what is it?
  10. Plants
    This plant showed up in the center of my tank one day and has be growing ever since. It doesn't seem to be rooted well in the substrate, but is kind of holding on to a few pieces of substrate about a quarter inch above the rest. Any idea what type of plant it is? I've searched, but can't find...
  11. General Planted Tank Discussion
    Hi all: This is my first post here, but I've been lurking for a while. A little background. About 6 months ago, I went from zero to 55G planted tank and was about as naive as I could be. Of course, I've been facing challenge after challenge since the beginning and trying to learn as much as I...
  12. Plants
    I got some plants online and got these for free. I have no idea what these are. Could anyone help me out? On the first one, the orange/red one with long leaves. (the second one and the last one are the same plants) My guesses were Ammannia Crassicaulis (first one) Polygonum SP (second and...
  13. Low Tech Forum
    hey all! i've been in and out of the hobby due to transitions between school dorms and my apartment. i started this tank back in june and let it grow out (it was a total jungle), and just got around to pruning it a bit. i started out with a "beginner plant" bundle, and a lot of it has died...
  14. Plants
    The stem plant in the middle, please! I found some clumps floating in a lake. Some kind of Ludwigia? All the leaves have a rippled texture.
  15. Plants
    Hey everyone, Was in LA for a few days last week and had to leave my tank unattended during that time (can't trust the roommate to take care of things, haha). Anyway, I left it with a double dose of nutrients (NPK and Fe) to account for the missed dosings and I knew I would do my usual 50%...
  16. Plants
    Hi, Do this leaf look brown or red to you? I bought this at Walmart as an 'amazon sword' but its newest leaf is a strange color. Normal, or needs to be trimmed? Also, planted in front of it: is that a crypt of some kind? Got at the same trip. Thanks so much!! Really hoping it's healthy :help:
  17. Plants
    Im just trying to figure out what plants these are so i can see if i can purchase them? These look like pennywort to me but these grow like this an pennywort grows different. This stuff looks like moss but if u look u can see it has roots, the only thing i can think of is, Lilaeopsis Mauritiana.
  18. Plants
    Hi All, I am thinking that this is variegated ludwiga, but I am not sure. Any help is appreciated!
  19. Plants
    I bought this plant at Petsmart and it was labeled as lobelia Cardinalis and said "fully aquatic". But it doesn't really look the same as a lot of pictures I see online. Is that what this plant actually is? Thanks! Also, say hi to my cories. hehe
  20. Plants
    Note:Not my tank or photo, found it here unfortunately the poster hasn't been active posting in this forum since 2010. So I wanted to ask if of you plant gurus might know what these plants are? (this is a 7 gallon nano tank according to its owner) I'm especially curious what the plant in...
21-40 of 85 Results