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  1. Plants
    Hi guys, I got a few plants from a colleague but he had no clue what these are.. Most look like anubias to me but could you please help me id these further Thanks in advance
  2. Plants
    Hi everyone, I am new to the aquarium world and bought a weed looking plant from my local pet store. I’m thinking about removing it, not only because it grows way too fast and looks a bit ugly, but because no google search can help me identify it and I don’t want to inadvertently harm my betta...
  3. Plants
    I recently bought red root floaters with Salvinia. It also came with some duckweed that I have been removing. However I noticed a couple of specimens of this species. To me, it didn't look like Red rooters or Salvinia because of both it's elongated leaf shape at much longer root system. I looked...
  4. Plants
    i everyone, A month or so ago I bought this plant for my shrimp tank, at the time thinking it was hornwort. It goes grow fast and my RCS love it, but as I look at other pictures of hornwort and read about how it behaves, I’m starting to question if it might be a different plant. The...
  5. Plants
    Hi Can someone help identity these plants in my tank pretty please? Originally they kept getting uprooted and I forgot what is what. I think I my have mixed up mid/background plants and planted them at the front. Sorry for the dirty tank, I've been ill for a month or so. I have Oto's going in...
  6. Plants
    Can anyone tell me the names of these two plants? Is the smaller one (pic #3 and #4) monte carlo? More of a top view of leaves:
  7. Plants
    Hi Planted Tankers I'm a noob. What's this plant that seems happy in my SpecV? How do I propagate it? Many Thanks.
  8. Plants
    So a seller (not from forum) sent me only 1/2 a portion of dwarf baby tears I paid for. When I talked to them about it they said they'd send a replacement. You'd assume it'd be dwarf baby tears right? Not even close. Got this: some ludwigia that wasn't even on my original order list. I...
  9. Plants
    Really not sure what this is, hitch hiked in with some DHG I bought.
  10. Plants
    Gifted to me as rotala wallichii, but I am not so sure. Anyone have a better idea/ID on this plant?
  11. Plants
    Please help me with this... I just bought some bucephalandra online from a hobbyist, he didn't know the species name.. do you guys know the name of this buce?
  12. Plants
    I impulse bought a lovely looking stalk plant from either Petco or Petsmart, and didn't think to write down the name before I tossed the packaging. I couldn't find it on either store's website, so hopefully someone here can figure it out. It's a very fast growing stalk plant with a red stem and...
  13. Plants
    So I have been reading a bit about glosso, and how the market has been flooded by knock-off seeds and plants from china called Xiaozhuang, which ends up growing larger and more bushy than the normal glosso. Does anyone know reputable seller or a good way to tell the 2 apart? Because I am...
  14. Plants
    Could someone ID these plants? I know that I have a crypt and a java fern but more exact names? Also the name of this stem plant, thnx :grin2: (Sorry, I couldn't rotate the images..)
  15. Plants
    I've had these (what I assume to be Val sp.) for a while now. They get really long, about 6ft and .5in thick. Recently, the largest plant put up this see pod. It developed and started to open up only a few inches off the substrate. Thoughts? I'm thinking it's a tiger val.
  16. Plants
    Can anyone ID this plant? Picked up a few stems of it, because I was very struck by the leaves and had store credit to burn anyway.
  17. Plants
    I have a new 75 gallon tank that is a blank canvas and I was looking on youtube for insparation and I want to set up a dutch style high tech planted tank but the only plant that I know for sure is Ludwigia Pantanal which is the largest plant in this tank. Can anyone offer any help? Thanks in...
  18. Plants
    Hi all, Can anyone help me identify these plants? As far as I can tell there are 5 separate species in here, including what looks like java moss and very small, unhealthy java ferns (tank is a friend's abandoned project). There also looks to be some kind of anubis in there but I've never been...
1-20 of 84 Results