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  1. Plants
    I recently rescaped my nano, and now that everything is replanted my hairgrass is yellowing significantly. I didn't have the plants out of water for more than 30 minutes. Same water as before the scape, same co2, a little more lighting. Did I dry them out?
  2. Plants
    Guys, When I got this cabomba it looked more lush and full, for awhile it grew really nice and the tips where bright pink. however it seems to be more stringy and there is more stem between leaves. there is still a nice pink tips on some of the tops that haven't been trimmed. Is this a...
  3. Plants
    Hi guys, Well i have had the HM for about 3/4 months and i can't seem to figure out which deficiency that the HM is experiencing. Here's some info: 10 Gallon Tank Substrate : Flourite Dark Lighting: 2 13W CFL bulbs (5800k) CO2: DIY yeast method (one 2L bottle changed biweekly) Ferts: Weekly dose...
  4. Low Tech Forum
    My Crypts have been melting slowly over the past week since I set the tank up. I have 4 bunches of Wendetii. Do Crypts usualy bounce back from this? At what point should I pull them?
21-24 of 24 Results