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  1. Fish
    Hi, I am getting a 10 gallon planted tank with Kuhli Loaches and maybe a single pea puffer. I was wondering what fish would go well with a pea puffer in a ten. I was thinking a schooling fish. Have any suggestions?
  2. Plants
    Hi, I'm going to be getting plants for my 10 gallon soon. I already have 2 Bacopa's and I was thinking of adding Java fern, hornwort, amazon sword, marimo moss balls and java moss matt. I have a thick layer of sand for my substrate, with root tabs and liquid fertilizer. I am going to attach the...
  3. Plants
    I bought a red tiger lotus 2-3 months ago and it ended up breaking into 3 parts when I tried to plant it into my substrate. All 3 parts ended up growing, but they aren't growing tall (no leaves reaching to the top of the tank). I was wondering under what conditions should I have my tank light...
  4. Plants
    My s repens leaves have started to grow holes and die. I planted them around 4 weeks ago. They just started to have new growth and are growing like crazy despite looking like they’re dying. My tank description is: 20 gal tall. 0ppm ammonia, 0ppm nitrites, and around 10-20ppm nitrates. 7.8ph...
  5. General Planted Tank Discussion
    I just set up a new tank and added aquarium plants 4 weeks ago and all but a few have melted and died. The plants I bought were: S repens Amazon Sword Rotala Coin Leaf Tissue Culture Dwarf Sagittaria Tissue Culture Dwarf Water Lily Bulb Bucephlandra Floating Salvinia (all died and thrown away)...
  6. Plants
    I've had my aquarium set up for about 2 years now and over the course of its life, I've noticed that a lot of plants that other people have a lot of luck with keep dying on me. For reference, I have a low-tech 15-gallon tank with a Finnex Planted+ light that runs for around 8 hours, 80˚F...
  7. Plants
    New to keeping aquarium plants. I've had these plants no problem for the past few months. Past few weeks. I've had to keep replacing them. The green one at the back (no idea of the name) grows thin and the leaves fall off. The bottom dies and then the whole plant does. java fern is spotty...
  8. Plants
    Hi guys, is anubias having hard time transitioning from emersed to submerged ? I want to grow anubias emersed and sell them to aquarist, Should I worry about the transition the buyer would have?
  9. Plants
    So this is the first Amazon sword I’ve had and I’ve read about propagating them. Is this a maternal stem? Noticed growing new sprouts off of it over the past few days thought it was going to just be another lead then poof there’s like 5 of them stemming off. It’s the one smack dab in the center
  10. Plants
    This is a 10 Gallon tank that I took the rim off of, and also had to repair some of the glass. I need suggestions for easy carpeting plants, and some different textures against the rocks. No co2 and minimal ferts. Water temp ~65 Thanks!
  11. Plants
    I know that most small rhizomatous plants like smaller Anubias varieties, Buces, and Java fern are good choices, but I was seeking to ask clarification about rooted plants and mosses, since I've heard that Java moss can take over a smaller tank and certain rooted plants like Crypts can out grow...
  12. Lighting
    I wasn’t sure if I should post here or in lighting…but alas, here I am, because ultimately I want to keep the aquarium pretty low tech (read: low cost). Also, I am not 100% sure my issue is lighting related! A little backstory: tank purchased as a Christmas gift for children. Basics of the...
  13. General Planted Tank Discussion
    Water parameters Gh.180 Kh.40 Ph. 6.5 No2 .5 No3 20 The tank is a 5 gallon home to one betta fish. I spotted the weird fungus/mold (I really dont know what it is) on my Vall and on the filters intake for the tank. Is it harmful to my betta? If so how can I get rid of it? Any help is appreciated.
  14. Plants
    Hi friends, the last 2 weeks I notice my reineckii isn’t look so good, The leaves start to curle… Anyone know what deficiency is it? This is from today Two weeks ago
  15. Low Tech Forum
    How do you guys make your low-tech tanks work? This is my 10 gal with about 30L of water that has been established for around 4 months. My background and midground plants are ok, but my Staurogyne repens have their leaves slowly turn yellow/brown from their tips and some have their stems...
  16. General Planted Tank Discussion
    Hello and Happy Thanksgiving! I kept fish for a while in middle school, and even though my fish were fine, I could never get my plants to stay alive. Now that I am looking to get back into the hobby, I have a lot of questions about how to set up and maintain a planted tank. I am looking to do a...
  17. Plants
    Hi all, I am relatively new to the planted tank side of the hobby, and recently bought some anubias from a local pet store. While there, they gave me some extra floating clippings. I am unsure what kind of plant it is, but this is what it looks like after planting. Thanks!
  18. Plants
    Hi all, I've been cultivating Hygrophila Polysperam Rosanervig or 'sunset Rosanervig'. And I've noticed a difference in growth pattern. I have one bunch growing on the left side of my tank, with (1) Low water flow, (2) Near CO2 Diffuser. And these stop growing vertically once they reach around...
  19. General Planted Tank Discussion
    Hey everyone! I’m ordering a new tank like the title states. It’s going to be hi tech. What plants would you guys suggest? I’ll have a big piece of drift wood and then some small seiru stones around. Any ideas would be helpful as I’m not too artistic. Thanks
1-20 of 58 Results