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  1. Equipment
    Hello all, I have a 55 which I plan on placing 5 bulkheads in the rear glass panel. 2 inlets near the top (opposite sides), 2 outlets near the bottom (opposite sides), and one overflow in the top middle. All holes will be for 1/2" ID bulkheads. I'm not sure what the hole diameter is yet...
  2. Equipment
    I was wondering if the placement of the co2 diffuser was placed in the optimal place in my 10 gallon tank. 1. CO2 diffuser currently located at bottom front left of the tank. 2. Outtake flow goes from bottom back left corner of tank. 3. Intake flow comes from top back right corner of tank...
  3. Equipment
    I have a 84G tank (48"x17"x24") with a FX5 filter. Is it best to have the intake/outtake on one side to create a circular motion or to put one on each side for a side for a 1 direction flow.
  4. Tank Journals
    Im 16 years old and have been in this hobby for 2 years, so don't be so harsh on the comments.=D Ive started this project on jan02/09. This is my 30 gallon iwagumi setup. Equipment: Hagen 30 gallon aquarium Eheim 2213 with lily pipes. Complete co2 setup with Milwaukee regulator, bubble...
1-4 of 4 Results