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  1. Equipment
    I just bought an Empire Co2 Tank and a regulator for my 6 gallon nano tank. My problem is that some work needs to be done with the connection between the tank and regulator. To begin, I need to add an adapter to change it from a paintball tank to CGA 320. The real challege is the angle of the...
  2. Equipment
    On the AFA it says: "Specifications: Violet Glass-(Inflow) VV-1/13mm: for 45-60cm standard aquarium AND Violet Glass-(Inflow) VV-2/13mm: for 90cm standard aquarium". But does anyone know how much the VV2 actually measures from the curve to the bottom of the inflow (the section that goes in...
  3. Equipment
    Sadly my Do!Aqua Poppy Glass inflow pipe broke while I was trying to clean the inside of the globe (see attached pics). Can I glue it back somehow?? I spent $80 on this friggin pipe!
  4. Equipment
    Hello I have an eheim 2211 which has an internal pipe dimension of 9mm and 12mm. I really like the look of the nano magic pipes but I have heard that the lily pipes have to be 1mm larger than the pipe itself (I could go for 10mm lily pipes but its more expensive, bigger so doesn't look as good...
  5. Equipment
    Hi I am new to the forum and some of these tanks look superb (same with aquascapeworld) :) anyway I am going to buy an eheim 2211 cannister filter with 12mm and 16mm diameter. I would like recommendations of lily pipes for a nano tank. thanks a lot
1-5 of 8 Results