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  1. New York
    I've been breeding Pseudotropheus Saulosi for 11 months now. Looking to share the rare African Cichlid with the local area. I have all sizes from fry all the way up to adults. Currently I am looking to move all of the children, which range from 1.5"s up to around 3"s. I house the parents in a...
  2. California
    Hello! So I ordered three female lime endlers for my 10 gallon Walstad riparium, and despite the seller telling me they were virgins, apparently someone got missed in their tank, because now I have at least 25 fry in there! I don't have the space for these little critters, so I'm giving them...
  3. Oregon
    Three dwarf gouramis (seem to be fine but quite stressed from a big move), two otocinclus, a handful of guppies, one peppered cory, four "golden" white cloud mountain minnows. Fish rescue from somebody moving x 2 - I've got no room for more tanks right now and no tanks to take these fish, if...
1-3 of 5 Results