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    Hey y'all, I've just finished moving out here to Fort Worth, TX and am looking for some locals to do business with. If anyone has dwarf puffers available, I'd love to pick one up. I'm also looking for some java moss and possibly some anubias nana petite. Thanks in advance!
  2. New York
    I've been breeding Pseudotropheus Saulosi for 11 months now. Looking to share the rare African Cichlid with the local area. I have all sizes from fry all the way up to adults. Currently I am looking to move all of the children, which range from 1.5"s up to around 3"s. I house the parents in a...
  3. California
    Hello! So I ordered three female lime endlers for my 10 gallon Walstad riparium, and despite the seller telling me they were virgins, apparently someone got missed in their tank, because now I have at least 25 fry in there! I don't have the space for these little critters, so I'm giving them...
  4. Oregon
    Three dwarf gouramis (seem to be fine but quite stressed from a big move), two otocinclus, a handful of guppies, one peppered cory, four "golden" white cloud mountain minnows. Fish rescue from somebody moving x 2 - I've got no room for more tanks right now and no tanks to take these fish, if...
  5. Swap n Shop Archived Posts
    If any of you are in New England, anywhere Manchester, NH, you now have an opportunity to get yourself a free roseline shark. I just introduced some Odessa barbs, and the "king" of the tank has taken to chasing them and everyone else relentlessly. You MUST have at least a 75 gallon tank, and you...
1-5 of 5 Results