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  1. New York
    Hi everyone. Does anyone have flame and phoenix moss and cherry shrimp for sale at this time? I also have christmas moss for trade if anyone is interested. Thanks.
  2. New Jersey
    I would like to buy Fissidens fontanus (Phoenix moss) a good size portion. Thank you. would also buy fissidens zippelianus instead.
  3. Plants
    Hi everyone, So I got some phoenix moss to put in my 10 gallon about a month ago and I think something might be wrong with it now. Overall, it still looks green but there's like these hair-like strings coming out of it for some reason. (see attached pics) I tried moving it around thinking that...
  4. Plants
    How well does fissidens do in low-medium lighting? Considering if I should add CO2 to my next setup or not. Preferably not if they can do fine with low lighting and no CO2 Any input is appreciated.
1-4 of 13 Results