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  1. Lighting
    So I've had a 29 gal Top Fin tank up and running for about a bit over two years now, and it has been humming along wonderfully. It's a freshwater community tank with an AquaClear 50 Filter, and a small powerhead to create a good flow around the tank. I keep the temp at ~78 deg. F. The problem...
  2. Virginia
    Petsmart has awesome plant deals going on right now, at least the one in Leesburg, VA. I think their deals are until next week. Here are prices (per bunch): Moneywort - 57 cents Green & White Acorus - 57 cents Water Wisteria - 77 cents Anacharis - 67 cents Mondo Grass - 57 cents Bamboo...
  3. Plants
    The plants at petsmart (Top Fin brand) are pretty good, it turns out. I've only had one plant, Bacopa Caroliana, and it's taken off. I'm thinking about getting some DHG and S. Repens as well as some alenthera reickneii or P. Helferi. Any experience on Petsmart plants?:thumbsup:
  4. Fish
    I just picked up 2 male A. Agassizii at Petsmart. They were labeled "Double Red". I couldn't resist giving them a shot after losing my mated male a few months ago. Crossing my fingers!:red_mouth
  5. Fish
    Yesterday I had to go to Petsmart to get some supplies, and pick up a few new fish. (It's the only place I can go.) Anyway, one thing that really bothers me is that rather than really feeding their fish they just toss in those 3 day food pyramids. It's not good for regular fish, and all of...
  6. General Planted Tank Discussion
    Went to Petsmart today to pick up some Seachem comprehensive and it rang up as $15.99 for an 8.5 oz bottle. According to their website it's usually $6.99 for the same bottle. When I showed this to the manager, he pointed out that the $6.99 price was the web only price. I hate to buy something...
  7. Other Websites
    Petsmart $5 off $25 in store and 10% off $60 online (expires 7/25/09) Link for instore coupon LINK When printing, make sure to click on the red "print coupon" and not the print link at the top. Otherwise it will say number of prints exceeded. Online code is: ACT10 is the code for 10% off $60...
  8. Equipment
    just got an email from Petsmart. Free shipping on orders over $25! If you need anything now is the time to get it. I have found that Petsmart has great prices on most of their filters. Especially now with free shipping!
1-8 of 8 Results