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  1. Ohio
    Just hear from a friend, Petco's $1 gallons ale has been going on. It ends 11/18. Thought I'd share, picked up a 40b for myself :grin2: (PS, I live in Columbus)
  2. Plants
    Another Petco mystery plant, the purple color is so deep I couldn't pass it up. Sorry for the rotated image. Here's what my google searches turned up: Hemigraphis Exotica?? or "Red Sawtooth" ?
  3. Plants
    I recently bought 3 new plants at a buy 2 get 1 sale at Petco. I'm not entirely sure, but I think that the first plant is a dracaena corn plant. If anyone knows for certain what any of these three plants are, let me know. Thanks!
  4. General Planted Tank Discussion
    $1 per Gallon sale starts on March 29, was just told this buy the manager. I went to get a 40 Gallon breeder but it was over $130. Figured I would just wait a week and save a lot. So just a heads up for anyone looking to get a new tank this will be my first planted tank and the 40 Gallon breeder...
  5. General Planted Tank Discussion
    Petco announced that they are buying Drs Foster & Smith. What are your opinions on this? I wonder what is going to happen with Live Aquaria. Anyone?
  6. Equipment Does anyone know any information on this new "Filter purchase required?"
  7. Fish
    Just a heads up for those of you interested in stocking Fish or Plants soon. Petco Is having "The Amazing Aquatics Event" 50% off ALL Freshwater fish and plants. I've reached out to a friend who is a manager at a petco and I'm verifying that this includes any fish that they can order. Here is...
  8. California
    Goes from now until 7/27. That's about it. Just wanted to let y'all know! :icon_smil
  9. The Lounge & Introductions
    Hi everyone, i'm new here. I am looking to buy a 29/30 gal tank (my "first"). I bought a used one recently but when I got home, realized that it had a lot of scratches which will be a pain to get out. Anyway, I've heard about Petco's $1 per gallon sale on tanks. Anyone know when the next one...
  10. Oregon
    Looks like it's on all month for 20s and 40s. Deets here. Don't think the Glisan store even carries fish stuff but the one on Division is pretty well stocked.
  11. Virginia
    Just stopped by on my lunch break and they had a pretty good assortment. I was able to pick up 8 Galaxy Rasboras (Celestial Pearl Danio's) and they had a couple of German Rams, Discus, and Green Puffers as well. I can't find CPD's anywhere since they are too sensitive to keep in the larger fish...
  12. General Planted Tank Discussion
    So while tearing down my 6.6 Gallon petco tank I realized the bottom black piece and top black piece just slip off. Maybe its only because I have had it for a few years. I wonder would it be okay to use with the black top and bottoms off. I would hate for it to burst, crack, or shatter while I...
  13. The Lounge & Introductions
    So I've discovered the little gem of entertainment Petco has on their website called Live Chat, where one can supposedly gain useful information from chatting live with a Petco representative. So far I've gotten much more entertainment value out of these chats than info. Has anyone actually...
  14. General Planted Tank Discussion
    5.00 off of 25.00 at PETCO B&M (Brick & Mortar) I came across this link for a printable $5.00 off $25.00 purchase at Petco BM which expires 2/15/09 (you need a PALS card) LINK FYI: petsmart around here will match petco coupons. if unsure about your local petsmart, give them a call. YMMV...
1-15 of 16 Results