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  1. Fertilizers and Water Parameters
    Hello, So my aquarium (30 gallon) has been running for about 3 months. It is fully cycled and is heavily planted. I am new to the planted tank world and made the mistake of adding some new plants last week that I ordered from and not quarantining or bleaching. Within 24 hours of...
  2. Planted Nano Tanks
    Hello guys, i am a newbie to fish keeping as well as keeping aquarium plants in my tank. Just earlier i bought a couple of plants from LFS and i did a 20% water change and used the tank water to clean the aquarium plants along with a second rinse with new treated water and soaking it for about...
  3. Fish
    Hello all, this is my first post here in TPT (and possibly the LONGEST). I have been doing a lot of poking around on the internet for answers regarding fish and aquatic plants and most roads point to TPT so I thought it wise to join and learn from the experts. I purchased the Planted Tank Guide...
1-3 of 3 Results