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  1. Equipment
    Hi All, I am somewhat certain I've seen some recommendations for plastic clips/clamps that help keep air from getting into dosing pump lines on this site, but several searches have left me empty handed. I'm running a Hygger 4 peristaltic pump doser. I am using a 3-compartment acrylic fert...
  2. DIY
    I see some DIY peristaltic pump threads and think DEER GEEZUS! you all spend alotta money:icon_eek: go the cheap route..I did Pump Head w/ motor ($20) Ebay: 281010726171 12v 1a power supply ($5) Ebay: 261110138053 Enclosure ($6) Radioshack: 2062281 Digital Timer ($10) Walmart: 16816087...
  3. DIY
    There aren't that many examples of peristaltic pump dosing, so here's how I set mine up. Here you see some emptied out peroxide bottles, holes drilled in the caps for the dosing line. The inside is standard LDPE RO line, connected to a "hose connector" which bridges onto the Tygon lab...
1-3 of 3 Results