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  1. Fish
    Hi, 2 days ago I got some peppered corydoras - one of them died before I even got to drop acclimate them. The other two are doing well in the tank. I called pets at home and they said I could come get a new cory. I’ve just brought him home today and noticed his fins are a bit ‘teared’ ? Not sure...
  2. Fish
    I have a planted 15 US (gal) long-- My GIANT peppered catfish was caught spawning this evening while I was adjusting some plants. I noticed a number of eggs fall into the gravel, and a couple were turned into an omelette by a neon tetra in perfect position when the eggs spurted out. Assuming...
  3. Fish
    About 3 months ago I picked up 2 peppered corrys from the pet store. I had just lost 1 of my trillineatus and her 2 buddies needed another friend. The pet store worker said the peppered cory's got about 3 inches; and thinking my 2 Trillineatus were about 2 inches and adult, I didn't think much...
1-3 of 3 Results