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  1. Plants
    Hello everyone, My sister got me a few aquarium plants and some substrate for Christmas to add to my already established, very lightly planted tank (aka a few prosperous java ferns). The one that is peaking my interest the most so far is the Brazilian pennywort. It is the only one of the...
  2. Plants
    I just bought some whorled penny wort and it wasn't grown submerged in a planted tank. What the best way to transition it to an aquarium and have it grow short and small? I have T5HO 39W x2 6700 & 1000 Bulbs CO2 and Amazonia.
  3. Plants
    Well, my newness is showing :icon_redf - I tried to order in some plants for my aquarium - and, well, didn't get what I was expecting :( I tried to order Pennywort - I didn't specify Brazilian, so I got a pond plant. and I tried Anubias nana petite - and I think I got a Anubias Nana, and who...
  4. Plants
    I've had some brazilian pennywort in my tank for about a year or so now and have played with ideas of what to do with it. Currently I have it in the front corners of my tank with the idea that will will grow up the sides and along the top and create a sort of framing effect on my 30 gal. Does...
1-4 of 16 Results