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    Hi! I'm starting a lower tech tank at home, and I'm looking for some moss. I'm looking for some vesicularia montagnei 'xmas', vesicularia ferriei 'weeping', riccia fluitans, and riccardia chamedryfolia 'mini pellia'. I'd preferably like to purchase a good sized golfball amount of each, maybe...
  2. For Sale/Trade
    12 Malawa shrimp for $30 shipped (2 available) Mini pellia 1.5x1.5" sized portion (loose) $10 Live food starter cultures $5 -grindal worms -micro/banana/walter worm mix 5.5 cm plastic Petri dish set (top and bottom) $2 each. These work well as feeding dishes and keep food from going into the...
    Lets do another QUICK RAOK - $8.00 gets you one of the following 2 packages shipped USPS priority. Please watch your weather as i do not have heat packs. Will need paypal payment tonight. Please do not pm me if you do not intend to send funds within 2 hours, i will contact the next person...
    Title says it all, funds on standby, weeping moss is a favorite, minis of all kinds pellias, Thai , etc. you have it at fair price , ill but it instantly. Thanks for looking. David Polur
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    Hello, I am setting up a mini moss-scape. So far I would like to buy: Mini Pellia Mini Fissidens On a side note I would also like to buy a nice color crypt (red maybe). If anybody has any other suggestions for mini moss they have available please let me know.
  6. Plants
    I have pellia (or subwassertang?) and Fissidens splachnobryoides coming in the mail, ordered for me as a gift. Are these plants demanding as far as light, co2, and ferts go? I dose excel and ferts right now and will soon have diy Co2, I'm afraid these plants might melt. Thanks!
1-7 of 7 Results