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  1. Fish
    Recently my peacock gudgeons have been breeding like crazy in my 30 gallon species aquarium which has never happened before so I've decided I'll try raising the fry. I've managed to pull 3 sets of eggs out and put them into an established hatching tank on the 5th day they were laid. I will admit...
  2. Fish
    Hey, so i’m thinking about getting a 55 gallon tank and stocking it with some peacocks and a redtail shark, but didn’t know how many peacocks to put into it? I’ve heard a lot about overstocking it and such and would like to try and make it more of a male oriented tank. All suggestions would help!
  3. Fish
    Hello there, I recently made the grievous mistake of browsing fish profiles....and I came upon the very beautiful Peacock Eel. I was hoping some of the members here might have some concise information about them (there are so many conflicting "facts" on the internet, I have no idea what's...
  4. Tank Journals
    Project Daiguren Hyorinmaru great crimson lotus ice ring About the name: I'm a Bleach fan, what can I say? ;) On to the good stuff! Tank: 48"x12"x21", 55 US gallons Filter: Rena XP3 (2x20ppi foam/2x30ppi foam/~40x Bio-stars/Bio-chem Zorb) Substrate: ~40lbs white leveling sand / ~50lbs black...
  5. Fish
    This is my Peacock Eel, Unagi. I've had him for about 8 months now. He used to be a very outgoing fish, swimming back and forth in the aquarium, swimming down the bubble stream, and running through my fingers when I am doing plant maintenance :biggrin: . But in the past few months he's gone to...
1-5 of 14 Results