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  1. Fish
    I recently added 5 golden (Beckford's) pencil fish to my 100 litre aquarium. It had 9 (now 8!) semi-mature corys (Julii and Elegans), and 5 peacock goby, also semi-mature, and 9 or so mature amano. They arrived as a bad mix of 4M and 1F, but there's lots of room, in a well-planted tank, with...
  2. Fish
    hey I am planning on adding some fish to my planted low tech 18 g and I really want to try these fish together and wanted to know If any one had first hand experience with these fish. Also if this size tank is fine for kind of fish i will be putting in. I have an aquaclear 50 on the tank and...
  3. Fish
    Will Peacock goby go after my cherry shrimp??? Since I put the goby's in the shrimp seams to be more hiding. Thank Peter
1-3 of 3 Results