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  1. DIY
    Hello, I was looking into making my own fish food to ensure my fish get more fiber. Could I mash and dehydrate peas? I don't imagine there would be any issues with feeding dehydrated peas. I kind of wanted to do a garlic powder, pea and kale mix then dehydrate it in the oven. I was also...
  2. Shrimp & Other Invertebrates
    I am trying to get some pill, fingernail, or pea clams... especially these species: * musculium transversum * sphaerium occidentale * pisidium casertanum Some information: I'm trying to avoid Asian clams (corbicula fluminea), which are all over the...
  3. Fish
    I've got a 6 gallon Fluval Edge that I would like to begin adding live plants, and then put Dwarf or Pea puffers in. Is this tank big enough? If yes could I house more than 1 puffer? Are Dwarf and Pea puffers the same thing? Appreciate any help! Note: I have a separate 20 gallon planted...
1-3 of 3 Results