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  1. Fish
    Hey all. I have a ~5" male diremouth in a community planted 55 gallon. Also contains 6 tiger barbs (they're a bit old so they're thinning out) 6 australian rainbowfish, and 1 weather loach i plan to separate after a move. I want to get a female FM but my LFS only has small ones (2-3") Would he...
  2. Fish
    I am extremely new to aquaculture. I really like the idea of having a hardscaped/planted aquarium, probably 40-55 Gal, with cichlids. I've read that cichlids can be a terror to plants though. Any suggestions on plant/cichlid pairings?
  3. Fish
    Hey everyone, I have a 38 gallon heavily planted tank with driftwood, the whole shabang. It’s been running for several years and about a month ago I got some Bolivian rams. I got a male and female (I checked their vent’s before buying them). The male chases the female around the tank. The...
1-3 of 3 Results