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paintball adapter

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  1. Equipment
    Does anyone have a recommendation for a straight Paintball to CGA-320 adapter that will let me run a CGA-320 regulator on a paintball canister? Even better, one from a reputable source (not Amazon) that you've used with a Red Sea reg? I've gotten two duds on Amazon, the Aquatek adapter that...
  2. Equipment
    So I purchased and Aquatek regulator and an adaptor (seen in blue) for a paint ball CO2 tank. My problem is that the whole regulator, including the bubble counter, are sideways. I assume that the bubble counter cannot function like this. if the water level is above the barb bubbles won't...
  3. For Sale/Trade
    #1) #1) Bought these two items together, and never used them. CO2 Kit comes w/ everything (tubing, bubble counter, diffuser, Bracket holder, Co2 cartridge -x1 88g, and regulator valve). Hydra Aquatic CGA 320 adapter allows for use on a Paintball canister. Update: 1/22/14: Adding in a free...
  4. For Sale/Trade
    Hi all im selling a Brand NEW AquaticLife CO2 Regulator with Lighted Solenoid and and paintball adapter NEW and in box. Im selling this set because i simply dont need it. I purchased it months ago with the intention of setting up a 3rd tank but never did.. Ill also throw in some Drop Checker...
1-4 of 4 Results