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  1. Fish
    Came home today to find one of my Otto's floating with red marks on its side. The Otto's are fine I have a 10gallon planted tank with 2 Juli Cory's,a Betta,2 Otto's and a few glowlight tetras
  2. Fish
    Hi Everyone I have a tank that is around 2 months old. I have 3 Borneo suckers who have never eaten veggies or wafers placed in for them. They share the space with three ottos, 10 neons, two guppies, two endlers, and around 25 juvvies / adult cherry shrimp (red, blue and yellow). It’s fairly...
  3. Fish
    I have a planted tank that has one clown pleco and 3 ottos. When I first got the tank, I would feed them cucumber and zucchini as supplements and they would go nuts for it. Clown plecos need protein though, so I started putting small bits of wafers with high protein content for him, but now the...
  4. Fish
    Hi I just bought 4 Otocinclus fish just now, which are quite expensive as well as I waited 2 weeks for this fish. I have some Brown algae in my tank (29G). My guess is they will finish all the brown algae in 1 week span so I want to know what will they eat after that, I have heard that algae...
  5. Fish
    Does my fish have something wrong with it??
  6. Fish
    I had a lot of Duckweed, and was constantly having to remove it. Then I put a few Ottos in the tank a week ago, and the Duckweed seems to have disappeared. Has anyone else experienced Ottos eating Duckweed?
  7. Fish
    so i have 2 ottos and they used to be out all the time swimming around, sucking onto stuff, or just hanging out on some flat rocks. now they hide in a cave most of the time and i only see one out at a time (rarely) except when i first turn on the lights and one/both of them spazzes around and...
  8. Algae
    Hi everyone. I set up my new 125litre planted tank just after xmas and i have bad algae issues. Setup: 125 Litre (27UK gallons, 33 US gallons) Fairly heavily planted 2 x 24watt standard bulbs. Lights are on for about 12 hours a day. APS 1400EF Ex filter with UV. Spray bar sprays both on and...
  9. Fish
    What does everyone like to feed their otto's
  10. Shrimp & Other Invertebrates
    I am going to set up a 10 gallon low tech planted tank. I want to get snails, shrimp, ottos, corys, and maybe a few other fish. I am going to cycle it for at least 2 weeks. Is it safe after the two weeks to put the snails ottos and shrimp in at once or will there not be enough algea for them...
  11. Fish
    I want to restock my 120G. I need Ottos for algae control, but I like Corys. Are the two compatible? Thanks, Rod
1-12 of 12 Results