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  1. General Planted Tank Discussion
    Hi all. I'm a seasoned fish-only aquarist whom recently began to embark aquascaping. I spent quite a number of weeks researching which course was best to set up my newly heavily planted aquascape. I made adjustments accordingly, based on my budget. After 2 months of hard work and a large...
  2. Plants
    Lately it seems like there's been a lot of debate whether plants like swords and crypts, etc, actually need root supplements, or will do just as well with only water column dosing. I've always taken it for granted that they did need it, but Ive never actually tried any of them without it...
  3. Fertilizers and Water Parameters
    I am very interested in using an inexpensive fertilizer opposed to purchasing Aqua Soil or the equivalent. Could I use these as capsules- And then...
1-3 of 10 Results