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  1. Equipment
    I need some feedback as I put together my 75g. I have not used a top on my tanks in over 10 years. Consequently I have lost a few fish because of it. I like the open top look and function of my tanks. The only reason I am considering a glass top is I want to keep fish in my new tank from jumping...
  2. Fish
    So, lots of us like to keep open-topped aquariums. Some fish are notorious jumpers - guppies, hatchetfish, SAEs, etc. Everyone has horror stories about fish jumping. But what fish have you all had the most SUCCESS with in small open-topped tanks? I'm asking because I have a 7.5 gallon tank...
  3. Lighting
    It's looking like my 29 is going to be moving, and with that i would really love to upgrade the lighting when i do this, possibly hanging/high enough above the tank to have an open top with floating plants. I'm completely clueless about lighting issues, so any suggestions about what kind of...
1-3 of 3 Results