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  1. Fish
    A week ago I bought two gold gouramis and two opaline gouramis in my 45 gallon tank. Since then one of the opaline has died, it was picked on and given stress (cause of death) and now I suddenly see red spots on one of the gold gourami. There are large red spots on the rear end of the belly and...
  2. General Planted Tank Discussion
    I just got my first 29gal a couple days ago now from my sister. She didnt want it anymore, so I took it. It came with 4 painted Tetra? I think... and the filter/whole setup. I kept the gravel, and filter and pad from the tank from before while it was established. I put down Flourite Black...
  3. Fish
    I bought two Dwarf Gouramis A couple of days ago and the male(Gold) wont stop chasing the female(Opaline). I have a little tank to quarantine the male if I have too but would really like to avoid it. Also is there any way to make the male build a bubble nest because the guy at my LFS said she...
1-3 of 3 Results