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  1. Plants
    Anyone have any good resources (or point me to the right place on this site please?) for buying quality plants online? My area of Jersey hasn't quite caught on to the aquascaping bug yet, and I'm NOT buying my plants at Petsmart.
  2. Fish
    I'm working on setting up a 6 gal tank that I've had and would like to have a betta. I know not to get any form PetSmart, and have yet to ask how they care for them at my LFS Pets Supplies Plus but from what Ie've seen they do look healthier then those at PetSmart. I was wondering if anyone...
  3. Plants
    Hey everyone, Brand new to this site, and am looking for some help. Any suggestions for places to order plants from? Or places to avoid like the plague? I keep finding equal amounts of positive and negative reviews about numerous places to buy online (,
  4. General Planted Tank Discussion
    Hello everyone! After exhausting all of my local pet shops within a reasonable distance, I can't seem to find any with any floating plants or carpet plants like java moss or baby tears which are the last addition I wanted to make to my tank for now. So I was wondering what sites you guys like to...
  5. General Planted Tank Discussion
    I need to buy a bunch of plants... what are some good online plant stores to buy from? I knew an amazing website but I lost the URL. So what websites do you recommend? :thumbsup:
  6. Plants
    about 2 weeks ago I "bought" a blyxa japonica online, and I today it finally arrived. It's a tiny little piece of blyxa (2x2 in), and 40% of the leaves are brown and 10% are turning brown. What do I do to make it survive and flourish? Are there any chances of survival? There is also something...
  7. Fish
    I searched around on here a bit and I was kind of surprised that there wasnt a sticky or some older thread listing the online stores that sell livestock. These are the ones I know of. Are there any other large sites that sell FW...
1-7 of 7 Results