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  1. Ohio
    Hi! any observations/recommendations/cautions about shops in the greater Cincinnati/Fairfield/Hamilton area?
  2. Ohio
    Looking for some tiger shrimp in the Columbus area, all varieties (regular, black, blue). Thanks!
  3. Ohio
    the Captain here owner of Captain Blackjack's Seahorse Ranch & Fine Aquarium Supplies and also Nautilus Aquatics LLC. We breed seahorses, do jelly tanks among other things, and are in the upper tiers of the professional aquarium trade. we also sell a line of aquarium products called Captain...
  4. Ohio
    we're bringing java fern tident needle leaf narrow leaf lobelia cardinalis small form hygro "Araguaia" najas "Roramia" red root floater salvinia oblongifolia anubias nana petite more.... fish: melanotaenia parva mops and juvies black chin livebearers xenotoca variata tinanti brichardi...
1-4 of 4 Results