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  1. Equipment
    I need to get a new o-ring to go between the standard CO2Art needle valve and bubble counter. I've tried searching around, but I can't find what that size of o-ring is called. Does anyone know what that size of o-ring is called and where they can be found? If necessary, I can order a new one...
  2. Equipment
    Hi, I receive my Eheim 2215 and the O Ring is already lubricated. Do I need to lubricate it by myself later? What I can you to do that? Vaseline? One more question, is Double Tap Valve rise the risk of leaking or it's safe? Thanks
  3. Equipment
    Installing the Milwaukee regulator I got for Christmas to ditch my yeast and go pressurized. The reg comes with plastic O Rings which go in the tank to regulator connection. The O ring is larger on one side than the other. Which side goes towards the tank, larger diameter or smaller diameter...
1-3 of 3 Results