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  1. The Lounge & Introductions
    Hello, Phil here. I was advised to join as a good recourse for my questions about planted tanks and local breeders or great LFS from which to purchase both plants and Apistogramma. I live in The Bronx, NYC. I have no idea who will see this post but, I'm mostly interested in NYC area stores...
  2. New York
    In Manhattan for a business trip with a little time to kill. Are there any recommended stores that cater to the planted tanks? Thanks
  3. New York
    Hey all, I just got the Mr Aqua 22 long, and am looking for a place to get layout materials (river stones and driftwood specifically) in the NYC area. Any suggestions?
  4. New York
    Hello This is my first posting. I have a 29 gallon planted tank with 96 watts of lighting. When I first got the tank I had poor lighting. Since I've upgraded I started getting BBA. I have a pleco, Otos, Corys, and glass shrimp. I just learned that only SAE will eat BBA. So where in the...
  5. New York
    looking to sell a 75 gallon long tank a stand light for 75 a tank i believe is a 45gallon breeder pick up only looking for fair offers e-mail me [email protected]
  6. For Sale/Trade
    ** S O L D ** Hey All I'm offering a sale/trade for the following products as a package. Most of the products are used less than 5% - 15% at most. For trades Finnex Ray II 12" or Finnex FugeRay-R (Or Make me an offer) or everything for $130 + Shipping $15 (Everything will be sold as a...
  7. New York
    Hey guys I have about 3 golf ball sized subwassertang. I have been growing in the tank and then in a Jar for a few weeks now. Anyone would like to trade for Moss or anything else? Local would be great.
  8. New York
    Hey guys. I was planning my own DIY CO2. I was wondering is DIY as good as Commercial grade CO2 setup? Also with DIY CO2 anyone in NYC (Queens area/Brooklyn or even Long Island) do it? If so think anyone can help me with it a bit? Thank you in advance.
  9. New York
    Hey guys I'm getting myself a 3.5 gal Deep Blue Professional tank today and take apart the 10 gallon and move everything in there. I want to buy some moss. (Java/Weeping any) in NYC would be great. Even better if you're in Queens, Brooklyn or even Long Island. Thank you in advance! Thanks guys...
  10. For Sale/Trade
    Hi NYC Endler fans! I have 3 adult female Endlers (Class N) that I'm looking to sell. They are healthy, happy, little fish, but as true Endlers their quick breeding habit is quite prolific, so I'm looking to downsize. If you are in NYC, and willing to meet me uptown you can have all 3 for $5...
  11. Swap n Shop Archived Posts
    Wanting to buy Red Cherry Shrimp/Crystal Red Shrimp if you're in NYC/Brooklyn or Queens. Please PM me your price and where I can meet. Thank you. I also have 3 neon tetra's a black/silver (quarter sized Angel fish) & 1 feeder male guppy for trade. (All can be traded for RCS (6-10) or 2 CRS) or...
1-11 of 11 Results