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  1. Equipment
    I swapped from an internal to an external filter, but was surprised how noisy it is. Using my phone to measure it is normally 40 decibel. The noise/vibration seems to come from inside the plastic lid and is kind of a humming noise. If i lightly touch the lid, to stop the vibration, it is 30...
  2. Equipment
    When I got my Edge 6, during cycling the pump made a constant grinding noise. I kept stripping the filter and cleaning it, but I couldn't get it to stop. Over time, it got less and less to the point where it was intermittent. Grrrrrrrrr<pause>grrrrrrrrrrrrr<pause>grrrrrrrrrrr<pause>...etc. I...
  3. Equipment
    I bought an eheim 2213 to replace my aquaclear 20 (noisy little bugger) because apparently they're silent. It has been running for 3 days, and still has air in it... I cannot for the life of me shake the air out per instructions. I don't hear a gurggling sound but I do hear a constant whirrrr...
1-3 of 3 Results