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  1. Equipment
    I swapped from an internal to an external filter, but was surprised how noisy it is. Using my phone to measure it is normally 40 decibel. The noise/vibration seems to come from inside the plastic lid and is kind of a humming noise. If i lightly touch the lid, to stop the vibration, it is 30...
  2. Equipment
    I bought the filter 2 months ago on black friday with all new tank, heater etc, and started my tank a week ago. Currently cycling with new plants / no fish. The filter is suppose to be quiet and that's the reason I bought it. I needed it to be quiet, my girlfriend didn't want me to start a new...
  3. Equipment
    I have a ~90g planted tank. I am currently using an EcoPlus 1584 return pump but it is very loud. Does anyone have any suggestions for a very quiet return pump
  4. Equipment
    Hello Everyone! I have a new Eheim 2217 canister (its only a few months old) I just cleaned it the other day, and decided to look at the impeller and make sure it wasn't dirty. This was my first time doing this part, because I did not have a need to do so previously. I put it back together...
  5. Equipment
    Can any one recommend quiet power head? I need one to provide a bit of extra circulation in a 200L heavily planted tank.
  6. Equipment
    Noise/Rattle Fix! - AquaClear & Fluval C Series HOB Filters I recently purchased an AquaClear 30 and the new Fluval C2 filters. The Fluval C Series filters are revised/updated AquaClears. Both filters made an annoying vibration/rattling noise. Of course having the lids on amplified the racket...
  7. Equipment
    Hi, I recently purchased a HOT Magnum as a secondary polishing filter. I find it a little noisy. Not an air problem but the humming sound comming from the pump. Am I too difficult (the tank is in my bedroom) or it is normal? I woould say it is much louder than my Eheim. I can only hear the...
1-7 of 7 Results