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  1. Tank Journals
    Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum and excited to be here! I wanted to share my new tank setup so far. Being in lock down in New Jersey for the last 9 weeks has pulled me back into the aquarium hobby after almost 10 years away. I used to keep as many fish tanks in high school and college as my...
  2. Lighting
    Hi all, I want to start a new planted tank. I have experience with a low light, no CO2 20 gallon long planted tank. I used garden soil with a fine gravel cap, weekly ferts, and a Finnex Stingray fixture the size of the tank. I planted Amazon swords, anubias nana, hornwort, java fern, and rotala...
  3. Lighting
    So I am totally new to all this and have spent weeks reading and trying to understand everything and I think I have a decent beginners grasp and can now ask a hopefully intelligent question ;) What I was looking at doing was a 30-gallon breeder tank (36w - 18d - 12h) with glass top, substrate...
  4. Low Tech Forum
    Hello all, I'm new to planted aquariums, and have never set one up before... although I have been doing lots and lots of research. My main question is... Will my set up work? (Iwagumi) I bought a marineland penguin 350 (for up to 70) gallons since it was on sale, and am currently waiting for...
  5. Canada
    Hey everyone. Just moved to thornhill and found myself in need of some peace and serenity. Decided to get a tank and try to go planted. Just looking for someone to talk to and possibly get some sound advice. Tank is only three weeks old and is still cycling. Nitrite levels are spiking now, not...
  6. General Planted Tank Discussion
    If I'm using just Excel on a 20g, and no C02, should I still use fertilizers? I want to have some nice plants in there with eco complete. Haven't set it up yet, finding out my info ahead of time. I want to have relatively high lighting and grow UG and rotala. Any input is appreciated. Thanks! Clare
1-6 of 6 Results