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  1. Lighting
    is it worth it to go after a cheaper aquarium light. instead of spending more on a fluval or a finnex light, can you get the same plant growth results with a cheaper light company like Hygger or NICREW?
  2. Lighting
    Hi everyone, I am on a quest to find a cheap LED light for my high tech 20 gallon long. The height is only 10-12in so it should not be hard. I already have a finnex 24/7, a beamswork SPEC and the third one I narrowed it down to these 2, both came out this year: 1. Nicrew Skyled plus 2. Hygger...
  3. Plants
    Hi, stupid question, I know. I have a 20gal long aquarium and a NICREW Classic LED Plus light. According to their website, this light is 22W, 1150lm and 6500k. From my research I know that this light is on the low end of wattage for plants, but I don't have the money to invest in a twinstar or...
  4. Lighting
    I am looking for a light that will fit into the hood on my aquarium and some of the NICREW lights look like they will be a good fit. My concern is that the light will sit about 18-19" above the substrate. My setup will be low-tech and I don't plan on growing any carpet, but I want to be sure...
  5. Low Tech Forum
    I had a marginally successful low light tank in a marineland eclipse 29 gallon tank years ago, but I was always limited by the integrated fluorescent ballast and then the ballast went so I abandoned the planted hobby for awhile and now decided to do it right. I ditched the integrated hood...
1-5 of 5 Results