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  1. Low Tech Forum
    hi i set up aquarium about 10 days ago, with miracle gro organic potting mix 1.5", and 1" of gravel, it has small powerhead filter, it is 20W power glo light and is a half filled 30G aquarium, oh and mostly low light/co2 plants e.g. java fern and a but of dwarf hair grass, sorry that was just...
  2. New York
    So here is a list of the things I'm currently selling: 1 Medium Size castle $20 (Only a couple of months old, bought it for $40 new) 1 Medium Floating Dock $5 1 Paddle Tailed Newt $15 ( If you buy the newt I'll give the island for free along with some small fake plants) 1 Aquaclear 70 $40 (the...
  3. Tank Journals
    After trying to work out a nice living space for Stubbs, my Chinese warty newt (Paramesotriton chinensis), and seeing so many recent threads about ripariums, I decided to join the two ideas and give my newt a riparium to call home. Here are a few close-ups of Stubbs, eagerly awaiting his new...
1-3 of 3 Results